Question. Learn. Improve.

Question. Learn. Improve.

Hi, I'm Joshua. A technologist and servant leader that values giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the organizations I work with.

Joshua D. Whitley

Technologist, Consultant, Servant Leader

A 25+ year, accomplished senior technology leader with a passion for technology in all facets of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS implementations and modernizations. Skilled in collaborating with all members of the organization, as well as coordinating multilevel teams, to ensure timely and quality delivery of products and achieve business objectives. Instrumental in translating business needs to simplify technical concepts, delivering cutting-edge solutions for clients.

Recent Experience

A summary of my most recent work experience.

Professional References

"I am a Senior Project Manager who has been privileged to work with Josh for some years now. He is absolutely the best you can find in this career area. He is calm in crisis, and enabler and grower of the skills of his team, and has that rare ability to help senior leadership understand the realities of extremely technical applications. Reach out to him. You will be very glad you did."
"Joshua is always a solid contributor to his group/team. When new challenges are faced within the development process it is always wise to run ideas and possible solutions by Joshua. Joshua is always open to reviewing new approaches and opportunities. He always works on improving processes and improving the quality of work produced, not only by himself, but by the team. Joshua is always working to improve, not just showing up for a paycheck. Joshua's work ethics are one to modeled and can be a great asset to any team."
“Josh is very knowledgable within the payment services and financial industries. He is always willing to help as well as being open to receiving it. Very hard worker while still using his intelect to maximize productivity.”